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“Christine, listening to you actually makes me feel confident as a mom.  Feeling I’m doing the right thing when most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.  So, Thank You!” – Rebecca M.

Thank you! This will help so much!  SO glad I was able to make it today!

“YOU are making a difference, and WE appreciate you, your heart, and expertise.”

Steve Jacobson

CEO, Fairway Mortgage

Thank you!  This brought tears to my eyes because it is all amazing tips! 

This information is invaluable.  I have a 6-year-old son and we have been struggling. I use the “Help me understand…” statement often and it has been a HUGE help.

“These sessions are always amazing! THANK YOU!!!” -Sarah Tuggle

I am so grateful for these sessions.

What parents are saying…

If you’re considering leveling up your parenting game choose.. Parenting Game! Christine Bright has been an amazing help!  She showed me how to build a crucial foundation for my parenting.  Then I learned parenting skills which helped me teach my children building blocks for their future. Before I started coaching with Christine there were parenting situations I didn’t know how to navigate.  Now, I have learned how to take control of these situations in a healthy way. 

Christine really invests in you and your family.  All her help has been genuine and sincere. She never made me feel like I was doing it wrong.  I didn’t feel guilty for what had happened in the past or what was currently going on. She only focuses on giving you the parenting skills to get better now and improve going forward. 

I finished her lessons with confidence and momentum.  I’m very excited about what the future holds for our family!

Jim Buchanan

Thank you for hosting this incredible call!

Moving from the Central Coast in September to Utah during a pandemic hasn’t come without challenges for our 14 year old son Nathanael.

Starting Junior High during COVID has felt uncertain.  Watching my son leave behind many wonderful friends to eating lunch alone every day for 2 months feels heartbreaking to a mother.

He went from a ‘Straight A’ student to a few teachers giving him F’s.  All this took place while changing states online to enroll in his new Junior High.

Christine helped redirect my approach to dealing with his daily grumbles of wearing a mask to hiding outside during lunch. After this call, I reached out to the school counselor to seek guidance with my frustrations. Getting a little teary eyed…

She will put together a game plan assigning the school ambassador to helping him feel welcome at the school and getting his teachers involved pairing him up with other children.


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