Christine Bright,
Founder of Parenting Game

I have had the pleasure of working with differently abled children since I was in High School. I was drawn to children that were the “naughty ones”. It seemed I had a natural knack for being able to handle their behaviors.

My passion for helping children guided me to become a Therapeutic Foster Parent which gave me invaluable training I still use. Working one-on-one with a child that had challenging behaviors brought me unspeakable joy. A deeper passion was ignited within me.

I became a Child Care Professional and Family Advocate for children with mild to severe behavioral issues.  I further enhanced my skills and knowledge by training with Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child. Today, I continue my passion by helping families navigate all the challenges that are a natural facet of parenting. My clients learn fundamentals, skills, and actionable strategies that result in more positive interactions with their children.  Which ultimately leads to a stronger bond with their child.  The Parenting Game Playbook sets families up to win!

As the Founder of Parenting Game, I share the strategies I have developed with larger audiences as an advisor and speaker.  I cherish the work I do with families, communities and those precious kiddos needing extra support.

This is my life’s work.​

Praise for Christine Bright

Christine is one of the most talented and driven professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her ability to relate to her clients, assess their needs, solve difficult problems, manage expectations and achieve goals makes her truly stand out.”

Brian Combs

Owner/President, Affordable Tape and Texture

When I first met Christine it was clear we spoke much the same language…only to different audiences. As we collaborated, I watched her take some of what I use in adult leadership training and effortlessly simplify it for family transformation. At the same time, I began using Christine’s child-leadership constructs in my consulting practice with enormous success. She’s taught me that what works in the boardroom works around the dinner table, and what works around the dinner table works everywhere else. As Christine fittingly says, “You’re about to start winning!”

Dr. Tom Nebel

Consultant, Leaders Rising

Christine is brilliant! Over the past 7 years it’s been such a pleasure to know her both personally and professionally. Her ability to develop behavior modification strategies for children and their families point to her innate ability to understand how children function. Her strategies also translate well into adult populations and I’ve effectively included key ideas and phrases with my adult clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Elizabeth Disch

Professional Counselor, Elizabeth Disch Counseling, LLC

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