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Welcome to Parenting Game.

Children thrive when capability wins over entitlement, when learning wins over punishment, and when character development wins over reputation.

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You’re about to start winning! Welcome to Parenting Game.

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Changing behaviors in children will take time and practice. The use of positively charged language will activate a desire to change. This short video explains the Parenting Game approach.


Hey Dad! Hey Mom!

You’re doing a great job raising your kiddos!  But we all have times when things just don’t seem to be working. That’s when it is important to adjust our parenting approach. Learning to be more agile with your parenting skills will greatly improve interactions with you children…


Hey you amazing people!

You do what you do because you have a heart for kids, and you need agility too. At times you and your mentors long for a stronger connection with kids and cannot seem to get there…


Hello HR Dept!

The support you have given your employees has proven that they can be successful working from home. However, with virtual learning in the mix, demands on parents have never been greater.  You are in a unique position to provide heroic solutions

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Start Winning! Welcome to Parenting Game.

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